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What The Hell Is Going On? Queer News!

Issue 3
Boop! I’m back bitches. Sorry I left you all hanging last week, duty—that is, my boyfriend’s production of the Wizard of OzIN KANSAS CITY—called. Speaking of, did you know Kansas City isn’t in Kansas? More white lies.
I digress. It’s time for Queer News! Here’s what I got for ya.
1. People in Botswana CAN have gay sex.
Sorry Kenya, sodomy’s where it’s at. Can you imagine the sex parties that would happen in NYC if butt sex were a crime and then legalized? I mean c’mon! Activists in Botswana are turnt for the ruling, and it certainly reminded me not to take my gay life in the good ‘ole U.S. of A for granted. The next time I engage in “acts of carnal nature” you better believe I’m gonna click my heels and say there’s no place like home!
2. Stonewall Forever.
O0o0oh rainbow diamonds. The Center—NYC’s LGBTQ community space—got together with Google to make a virtual extension of the Stonewall monument. Hot! Sadly, they do not serve tequila sodas like the actual Stonewall—which isn’t …

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What the Hell is Going On? Queer News!

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