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A Pigeon Is Ruining My Life

Like most humans with a mental illness, I have trouble sleeping. Ironically, while depression may make one feel tired all the time, it often does not even warrant the sweet relief of sleep. You know when you’re very tired on the subway after a long day, and you’re standing, and from across the train a seat opens up, but walking to it seems like a whole ordeal and you’re only one stop away anyway, so you decide to just keep standing? Yeah, it’s kind of like that, only for hours and your stop never comes. Haha! 
My inability to sleep is only made worse by the fact that I am literally always refreshing my phone in the hopes of the Instagram notification or email that will contain the news I know will change my life and eradicate all my problems. “HBO has just commented on your photo: love this! DM us because we want to produce your writing.” The constant stimulus is confusing for my little lizard brain, and so when it comes time for bed, my LB is all “What’s with this break in stimulus? W…

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